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What Is The Definition Of A Conservatory

Building Regulations And Conservatories

Part of the factor for the popularity of conservatories in the last couple of decades is that they can exploit what is thought about as a loophole in building guidelines.

What Is A Conservatory?

For instance, integrating a Georgian or Victorian design with a lean to can generate a T or P shaped conservatory that offers your home much more area, extra conservatory info at All About Conservatories (

Planning Permission Advice For Your Conservatory

Order a brand new conservatory from EYG and we will get all the consents needed on your behalf as part of our hassle free job management pledge.

Building Regulations Checklist

Nevertheless, any brand new structural opening in your home will always require building regulations approval.

Some Real Benefits Of Correctly Converting A Conservatory Into A Single Storey Extension

Done correctly Conservatory conversions add comfy living area that can be utilized throughout the year.

In What Other Way Is A Conservatory Different To An Extension?

However more to the point, an improperly constructed or reconditioned Conservatory will be uncomfortable and in many cases possibly a severe risk to health and injury. You do have to build the conservatory to adhere to the rules of permitted advancements, more about which, you can find on the UK Preparation Website.

Does A Conservatory Or An Orangery Add Value To A Property?

On balance, a standard orangery is slightly warmer than a conservatory. If you speak with a regional estate agent they can provide recommendations on what is popular in your area and what will most add worth to your property.

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