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How To Decorate My Conservatory

Having Plants In The Conservatory

With it's mild temperature levels in the winter season there are a lots of plants that are very simple to grow in the conservatory and need very little upkeep.

Any Excuse For A Glass Of Wine

If you're feeling adventurous, you can buy some glass paints and go to town, extra conservatory info at Help About Conservatories ( When light reflects through these paints, it will develop stunning patterns across the room.

Conservatory Furniture Ideas

Blinds are another vital aspect of conservatory decoration, and can play a big function in determining the room's overall visual.

English Country House Conservatory Design

And, if you're thinking about foliage, leafy green pot plants include a complimentary element to your conservatory style.

Inject Some Colours Into Your Conservatory

Do you have any tips on embellishing a conservatory? Speak with a member of our team today.

Beautiful Conservatory Ideas

Everybody else's conservatory ends up being a makeshift laundry room, post workplace, toy factory, et cetera.

How To Decorate With Curved Furniture

Bring well rounded elegance to your space Discover how fresh conservatory cushions can revamp your conservatory.

Control Light And Shade With Stylish Shutters

Even if it's a true indoor space, we enjoy the look of outside furniture here.

Bringing The Outdoors In

High plants with a structural shape help fill areas and cheer up the space.

Using The Conservatory For Storage

With concerns to conservatory flooring, tiles are a great choice, especially if you have actually underfloor heating set up. Prefer to speak to our specialist setup team and get a quote over the phone?

Having Plants In The Conservatory

Plants are an essential in the conservatory in my opinion, as you're bringing the outdoors inside so having additional greenery within will really help that extension.

Clever Conservatory Storage Ideas

Everybody else's conservatory becomes a makeshift utility room, post office, toy factory, et cetera. Possibly you want an extra dining space?

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