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Do You Need Foundations For Conservatory

Choosing Your Conservatory Base

Get instant conservatory costs utilizing our conservatory expense calculator. The conservatory base consists of a layer ofhardcore'covered with a layer of sand. There are 2 primary designs of conservatory bases, standard construct and steel bases. They will be able to supply you with the info you need in order to make an informed choice.

Does A Conservatory Need Foundations?

There is no structural advantage to digging foundations much deeper than required and it does substantially increase the costs for the consumer, so we take our time to guarantee we have actually got it right, extra conservatory info at Ask About Conservatories (

Do Conservatories Need Planning Permission?

You CAN develop a conservatory or single storey extension without planning permission if, See Planning Website for a complete list of requirements to prevent the necessity for planning permission.

Foundations In Clay

Heres what we think you require to consider when building a conservatory footing;

Smooth Screed Floor

We recommend utilizing an insulation layer in between 70mm and 100mm thick. Our steel base systems are no mess and no difficulty. Interested in getting yourself a steel base conservatory?

Using Piled Foundations

If the ground conditions dictate the need for deep foundations and gain access to for an adequately sized excavator isn't possible, then piles can be the best method forward.

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