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So the maximum conservatory size is different from a normal shaped conservatory. This provides you total peace of mind that the planning permission of your conservatory has been handled. Do not worry if you remain in any doubt as a trusted home enhancements company such as Stormclad can recommend you, and take care of, all Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval as part of their service when supplying a brand new conservatory. Comparable to single storey extensions, conservatories and orangeries fall under the very same limitations and can be included under PD. The term "original house" indicates the house as it was very first built or as it based on 1 July 1948. For that reason a planning application would be needed.

The Conservatory Is A Single Storey Rear Extension That Does Not Exceed Six Metres In Depth For An Attached House And Eight Metres In Depth For A Detached House

To find out more on conservatory setups, read this excellent guide from Which?, it consists of pictures of our extremely own conservatory installations! When a conservatory disappoints any of these limitations and conditions and you still want it to be constructed, a planning application will need to be sent to your regional authority, extra conservatory info at Answers About Conservatories (

Do I Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory With A Tiled Roof?

Under permitted advancement guidelines, extensions ought to utilize product similar in look to the host dwelling. Lean to conservatories typically don't need planning approval due to the fact that they are generally smaller.

Planning Permission For Orangeries

When you're selecting your own architect, make certain they have sufficient experience to get your job through the planning door!

A Roof Pitch On Conservatories Higher Than One Storey Must Match Existing House

This is quite self explanatory, your conservatory can not be taller than your house.


It would be substantially cheaper to submit a planning application for your conservatory with strategies particularly developed in accordance with present preservation guidelines, rather than simply send an architect's strategies that may be declined requiring you to have them heavily revised, substantially adding to your costs. Especially quarrelsome is the requirement that it be composed of "materials to be similar in appearance to the existing house", which is open to interpretation.

The Conservatory Is Not Higher Than The Original Roof Of The Home

If your conservatory is within 2 meters of the home boundary, maximum eaves height should be no greater than 3 meters to be considered allowed advancement.

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